2.4 Million Talking About What?

Say what you want about the banal nature of seeing what your cousin had for dinner or yet another adorable puppy shot, consumers are spending more and more time on Facebook.  For marketers, this provides not only an obligation to participate, but a huge opportunity to learn and grow. On Facebook Pages, usually companies or […]

Channeling That Energy

Just read A Plethorah of Participant Personalities by fello UX researcher Adina Klein, and got a good chuckle out of some of her descriptions. Within a research session, many times you feel like you’re playing an active game of volleyball – you are having to jump, duck, swerve, and reach to get the ball. Adina’s description of The […]

Why are you here?

While catching up on my reading over the holidays, I caught this cute anecdote from Quirks about how fellow market researchers explain what they do.  My personal favorites: “We explain to commercial clients that we find information/insight that helps them improve their profits. They usually nod approvingly and continue talking about football!” “I tell them that […]