Why are you here?

While catching up on my reading over the holidays, I caught this cute anecdote from Quirks about how fellow market researchers explain what they do.  My personal favorites:

“We explain to commercial clients that we find information/insight that helps them improve their profits. They usually nod approvingly and continue talking about football!”

“I tell them that I am a veritable font of useless information gathered over many years of bothering people while they eat. Then I throw in some innocuous product knowledge, like how many different Oreo cookies there are, and they immediately walk away.”

“I like to say that I get paid to be nosy for a living. A bit overly simplistic but it works in almost every crowd – and avoids the blank stare I receive when referencing focus groups or surveys.”   

I always have had the people-watching trait, along with a thirst to know more about those people and what makes them do what they do. Just didn’t realize it would be such a big part of my professional life 20 years ago when embarking on my career!

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