Real-time Research. Actionable Findings.

Brookside Consulting gets organizations StockPhoto pie_pen_fuzzpointed in the right direction by conducting custom-tailored research, and turning that research into specific, actionable recommendations they can use right away.

The most common methods we use include, but are not limited to:
•  Surveys: Email, social media, mobile, and paper-based
•  Interviews: Individual and small group
•  Focus Groups
•  Ethnography
•  Secondary Research

We’re different than other firms based on our flexibility and our depth of knowledge across research methodologies.

Working with Brookside not only takes the headache and anxiety out of conducting high-caliber market research – but on average it leads to a 40% reduction in the amount of time required to conduct multi-phased research by integrating quantitative, qualitative, and secondary research.

Why do executives like working with us?

Expertise in our field – years of experience conducting both quantitative and qualitative research

Razor-sharp findings, not a mound of data – we provide clients with usable insights, and while we provide plenty of data to back up our analysis, clients find that our distilled findings save them much needed time and energy

Fast turnaround of research findings – integration of quantitative and qualitative phases of research means our clients get actionable insights faster, and therefore get fresher results

Flexibility – we tailor market research offerings to meet our clients’ needs